In 2007 Dinevi completed the building process of the Orthodox Church of St. Vlasiy.

It was built exactly on the spot, where from ІІІ to ХVІІ century existed an ancient monastery which was devastated from the Ottomans in ХVІІ century.

The temple is dedicated to the holy martyr St.Vlasiy, Sevastiyski bishop, who lived in the area Cappadocia, nowadyas Turkey. Vlasiy suffered lots of martyrdom, after he was inhumanitial tortured in 316, during the reign of Likiniy. Just before his head was reached by the sword, he prayed for the whole wide world and for those who will worship his memory.

Part of the Saint relics was transmitted by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to Yordan Dinev and the director of the National Museum of History Prof. Bozidar Dimitrov. They brought the relics to Istanbul.

The relics were laid in the church of "St. Vlasiy" on official ceremony, which took place in St. Vlas, on the 18th. of May 2010, with the presence of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and representatives of the Bulgarian Synod.

Everybody is allowed to worship to the Saint and ask him to cure the pain or for the salvation of his soul.

Everyone can worship before the saint and requested of him pain or cure for the salvation of his soul. These are the first relics of the Saint ever brought to our region. Pieces of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, were also donated to the newly built church of St. Vlasiy. The relic is embedded into a gold cross.

The temple’s governor father Peter said: "It’s a joy that for first time in this beautiful Church of St. Vlasiy, who is patron of the city Vlas, was performed for first time a worshipment on Easter with this Holy Fire, which as Christ will, should be for the good of local residents and for those residing in this place."




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