Amphitheater "Arena" located in Dinevi Resort is a new modern facility, with powerful sound system and lighting system, dressing rooms and V.I.P. areas. This is the only amphitheater created outside of the big cities in whole Bulgaria the last 18 years. 

It is situated very close to the sea coast and offers 450 seats for every theater lover.

The amphitheater summer program includes a variety of cultural events on local, national and international level. Our goal is to make the rich Bulgarian art a bit more popular among the foreign guests and owners of apartments in Dinevi Resort.

The cultural events are concentrated most on the national holidays and famous dates for the Bulgarian nationality and heritage, local festivals and celebrations. Connoisseurs will be able to enjoy the experience of the Bulgarian culture and art, after the meeting with local representatives. During the summer season amphitheater Arena will surprise it’s guests and residents with theatric and musical premieres.

For the little guests of the resort, the Amphitheater is the place where they can play a variety of entertainment games, creative activities and sporting events under the guidance of experienced animators.

The Amphitheater "Arena" Program is open and includes some of the excellence of the Bulgarian art and culture.




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